Custom Home Builder Adelaide vs. A General Contractor in Building a Timber Frame House

Are you looking to build a timber frame house? If you do, then you need to know that you can’t do it alone. You need a team of workers and professionals to handle the construction process for you. But here’s where the real question arises – are you going to hire a – custom home builder Adelaide, or a general contractor. You really can’t determine it by yourself without knowing the differences between the two. This article will serve to learn the difference between these two professionals to help you decide which one you need.



Custom Home Builder


A custom home builder is someone who will generally work with you from start to finish. That means they’ll be with you from the initial draw up of the home to the excavation, construction, and handing over the keys to your new home. Custom home builders usually have an entire crew with them who can handle the full construction of your house. They can work on managing the foundations, framing, subflooring, roofing, walls, etc. They can even handle mechanical tasks such as HVAC, plumbing, and electrical works. But that depends on you if you’ll have them handle the latter or hire another one instead. Overall, a custom home builder is a more ‘hands-on’ version of a contractor.



General Contractor


A general contractor is someone who comes into the picture only when the construction of your home will commence. Once your house is complete, that means their contract is already finished, which means they won’t be there when things are set, and you’re ready to start living inside your home. For that reason, you will need to hire an architect to help draft the initial blueprint of your home. During the construction process, a general contractor will be the one to make sure that your house is built to your specifications, by coordinating all of the necessary subcontractors. This includes scheduling, monitoring, hiring, and paying these subcontractors for their work.


Looking at both professionals, we can all agree that a custom home builder is a more convenient option. They tend to work with you from start to finish. However, we don’t want to be biased, as a general contractor also a set of unique features as well. However, the final decision will still fall into your hands. But either you choose a general contractor, or a – custom home builder Adelaide, we have them all in our firm. Visit our website now to learn more.