What You Get Out of Professional Driving Instruction

Obtaining a professional driver’s education is the foundation that you need to develop and embrace defensive driving habits. The lack of exposure to high-quality training or lessons will make your transition to becoming a road-worthy driver a lot more complicated than you expect.

Paying for the services of a qualified driving instructor means you will work not only on your driving skills but also develop a positive attitude. The term “positive” in this sense means that you acknowledge the value of safety more than anything else while you’re behind the wheel. If you’re about to take on a serious driving training session, hear us out as we talk about the perks of getting professional driving lessons.

1 – The Initial Experience

Most jurisdictions in Australia require that new drivers must complete a pre-determined number of practical driving hours to proceed with the licensing process. As a new driver, you will be subjected to some tests, the purpose of which is to figure out if you’ve absorbed the learnings in class (theory). So, if you haven’t had any lessons inside a classroom, then you’re unprepared and unqualified to put yourself behind the wheel.

The advantage of having to learn stuff inside the classroom before doing any real-world driving is that you will understand and recognise the existing conditions and factors outside of the vehicle. The list includes traffic rules, possibilities of getting into an accident, pedestrians, and many others. You most likely won’t encounter these things if you learn how to drive on your own.

2 – Learn the Rules of the Road

We can’t stress enough on how dangerous it is to go out there operating a vehicle without proper instruction and training. The lack of direction, particularly about local traffic laws and safety, puts a trainee or new driver at risk of accidents and breaking the rules.

Meanwhile, if you decide to work with a qualified driving instructor, you’ll go through a ton of reading and listening before you can proceed to actual driving tests. Although it sounds like a long way to go before you can wrap your hands on the wheel, the theoretical aspect makes sense. It is the only means for you to absorb and commit to the laws that govern driving and traffic.

3 – Develop Positive Driving Habits

Learning how to drive with the help of a parent or companion is a world apart to that of getting lessons from a qualified driving instructor. It has something to do with developing good driving habits. Only a comprehensive training course can instil the right mindset in driving, including that of safe practices and defensive driving.

If you choose to learn how to drive by asking a friend or family member, you most probably will emulate your instructor’s driving habits and tendencies. That’s not how things are supposed to work. With professional driving instruction, you end up learning and embracing all the positive practices needed to become a responsible driver. The right training makes all the difference when you’re behind the wheel.