Everything You Need to Know about the Force Meter – What Is It and Why Is It Important?

Force meters, also called Newton Meters, come in different forms. However, they essentially do the same job of measuring the various forces or the entire universe. In this article, we’re going to show you what a force meter is and why it’s an essential measuring tool to have.


Introducing the Force Meter!


There are different forces throughout the world and the universe that can act upon objects to create motion or movement. Some of the effects measured by a force meter include gravity, friction, and tension forces. Force has a particular effect upon an object, causing it to be pushed, rotated, accelerated, or deformed. A force meter measures force upon which objects under the scientific measurements of Newton’s law. Basic meters use elastic materials such as rubber bands and springs to measure force. A great example of a force meter is a bathroom scale that measures the amount of force exerted upon it, showing this force in the form of weight units.



Robert Hooke


Back in 1678, English scientist Robert Hooke created the very first force meter by showing the distance that spring will stretch is proportionate to the amount of force applied to it. His theory became known as Hooke’s Law of Force. Even today, Springs are often used in force meters, replicating Hooke’s model and experiment.


Isaac Newton


It’s important to note that every force has a size and direction, with these variables combined and calculated as a force vector. The standard unit for measuring force is a Newton (N), named after Sir Isaac Newton. The first law of motion explained by Newton expresses the idea that an object will not move or remain still unless affected by an external force. Newton’s second law of motion describes the concept of velocity and how the direction of an object is affected by an external object. Force meters are known as Newton meters. The amount of force exerted in an experiment can be measured in Newtons.


Uses of the Force Meter


Basic experiments using force meters can measure the gravitational force on small objects dropped while attached to the force meter. Force meters also measure the force needed to drag an object up an inclined plane and the force applied to the throwing of a catapult.


These concepts are what comprises a force meter and why it’s a valuable tool to use when measuring the amount of force of a particular motion. Purchase a force meter today! Visit the official Instrument Choice website and shop for the latest models.