What are the Different Types of Photocopier?

A copier machine, or most commonly known as a photocopier, is a revolutionary device that produces paper copies of documents as well as various other visual images most quickly and cost-effectively possible. Modern copiers create photocopies Ballarat using xerography technology. It is why some people call the product as “xerox copies.” The process involves drying through heat fusion. However, aside from xerography, there are also other modern technologies like inkjet.

Below is a preview of the most prevalently used copy machines in the modern times.

1 – Mono Copiers

The simplest of all photocopiers is the mono version. As the term suggests, it only uses one colour toner, which in most cases is black. Mono copiers come in different sizes, with the small ones being the most affordable. Low-end units copy and produce a smaller number of documents compared to low volume variants. You also can choose high spend and high-volume machines capable of providing at least a hundred pages per minute.

2 – Colour Copiers

If you are looking for coloured photocopies Ballarat, then you cannot settle for a mono copier. Instead, choose the second variety, which is a colour copier. Unlike the first variety, this one has four drums and multiple toner cartridges containing the primary colours: yellow, magenta, cyan, and black. In mixing those colours, the machine creates different shades for copying or reproducing images and coloured documents.

3 – Network Copier

The purpose of a modern network copier is to allow multiple devices to connect to the network, like an office or place of business. The concept is a result of the need for remote printing and faxing. It is a handy type of digital copier since it allows quicker passing of information via remote operation.

4 – Multi-functional Variants

The best thing about the multi-function type of photocopier is that it is more sophisticated than the first three types we talked about earlier. As the name implies, it can do more than just copying, like for instance, it can print, scan, and fax. In fact, some of the newest models of multi-functional copiers already come with WiFi capabilities so that you can copy, print, email, and scan your documents over the web. Other models also have USB connectivity.

5 – Desktop Copiers

Most businesses and offices today use desktop copiers, which by the way are a convenient and cost-effective alternative to its bigger siblings. You use a desktop copier for A4 or smaller sized paper and documents. The reason why it is called a desktop copier is that it is small and portable enough to place on a desk. Therefore, it does not require the same amount of space as traditional photocopying machines. However, do no expect desktop copiers to come up with the same copying speed and production to that of their bigger cousins.