Antenna Repair and Replacement – What You Need to Know

We all love watching TV. It can be for catching up on the news and or watching favourite movies and programs. However, sometimes the viewing can be interrupted by broken images or blurred images. When this happened, it is not a problem with your HDTV but rather the antenna. Unfortunately, diagnosing a specific fault with a TV antenna is not always easy. In fact for the untrained hands, what might seem like an antenna problem can be a TV problem, poor reception or your home theatre cabling. In such cases, instead of doing some trial and error work, the best thing is to hire a professional to have everything checked.

Before hiring an expert, you need to first check on all the televisions in your home or business. If the problem shows on only on TV, then it means that it has an issue with cabling or it is faulty. However, if all the TVs have the same problem, then it is obvious you have a defective TV antenna. However, even as you conclude that you have a malfunctioning antenna, check the weather conditions as sometimes the weather can result in poor reception.

Common TV Antenna Issues

When watching TV, it is not always easy to know the exact problem with the reception. Therefore, if your antenna is having issues, it is wise to hire a professional who can make a professional diagnosis. Some common TV antenna problems include:

* Incorrect location for an optimal reception
* Corrosion or general wear on the cable fittings
* Bent antenna from high winds
* Insufficient antenna power for optimal reception
* Broken elements due to age and bad weather

Antenna Replacement and repair

Depending on the findings after a professional diagnosis, the antenna installer can recommend antenna repair or replacement. If just a few problems are found like loose cables, insufficient power, or bent antenna due to weather elements, then the expert can have the antenna repaired, and you can enjoy uninterrupted viewing. However, if the antenna is found to be faulty due to wear and tear, then the expert will recommend a total replacement. When repairing your antenna, it is a perfect time to replace your old analogue antenna with a new one. The antenna installer can help you choose the best device that will improve your TV viewing experience.

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