Cycle Touring Packing List for Self Organised and Professionally Organised Cycle Tours

If you love biking, then am sure you have heard of bike touring. Bike touring is also referred to as cycle touring. This where a group of people participate in a cycling event (not a race) following a pre-determined route. The biking route to be followed is carefully chosen to ensure that the cyclists enjoy maximumly while putting their riding skills to the test. Also, the course will give the cyclist a chance to explore new places, see different historical attractions, experience new cultures and taste new foods.

Another thing you should know is that cycle tours can be self-organised or professionally organised. You can participate on either of the two depending on your skills, preference, budget, and the time that you have. Your choice here will determine how your bike touring packing list will be. Below is a breakdown of both packing list.

If you opt to go on a self-organised biking tour, then your packing list will have many things. To start with, you need to have your bicycle ready. Ensure that it is well configured with no mechanical problems. Also, ensure that you have all the repair tools prepared in case of a malfunction or puncture. Another essential thing to consider on your packing list is the cycling gear. Ensure that you have the recommended equipment for comfortable riding and also your safety. From the shoes to the helmet, ensure that everything is packed and recheck to ensure you miss nothing. Next on the packing list will depend on where you are going to camp or if you will spend the nights in hotels. If you are going to camp, ensure that you pack all the camping necessities. However, if you will be staying in a hotel, then all you need is pack some personal items like toothbrush, toothpaste, towel, camera and the like. Finally, ensure that you have a first aid kit as it comes handy in case of an accident.

When you decide to go on a professionally organised cycle tour, then bike touring packing list will be small depending on what is being provided by the organising company. For example, you might find that the organising company is providing bikes, the cycling gears, first aid services, accommodations, meals, bike repair services, etc. This means that what you need to have is only personal items like a towel, toothbrush, toothpaste, camera, and some cash. However, before coming up with a list for an organised cycle tour holiday, ensure that you talk to the biking company and know what is provided and what you need to carry. This way, you will avoid missing on some things, and you will enjoy the tour.