How to Buy Mens Shoes – A Short but Comprehensive Guide

Shopping for men’s shoes can be a daunting task, especially for some who are not used to shopping their own clothes. We acknowledge the fact that men are equally fashionable and trendy. However, there are a select few who find it hard to buy their clothing – particularly their shoes. If you’re one of these people, then it can be difficult for you to go shopping on your own. Fortunately, we’ve got your back. We prepared a short yet comprehensive guide on buying men’s shoes. That way, you can buy mens shoes that are perfect for you. Continue reading to find out!


Determine the Size of Your Feet

It goes without saying that you can’t go shopping for shoes if you don’t know the size of your feet yet. It’s the most fundamental part of men’s shoe shopping. If you already know the size of your feet; then good for you. Otherwise, you might want to have it measured. There are different ways to do it. Here are some:


  • You can go straight to a shoe store and have your feet measured there.
  • Trace the outline of your feet on a piece of cardboard and take it to the shoe store.
  • Measure your foot yourself using a standard ruler.


You can click here for a chart on length in inches to AU shoe size conversion.


Choose the Type of Shoe That You Want to Buy

Of course, if you want to buy mens shoes, you need to know what type of pair you’re looking for. Similar to women’s shoes, there is a multitude of different men’s shoes available out there. Here are some tips that we have for you to determine what type of shoe you’re going to wear.


  • Know the purpose of the pair of shoes that you’re going to buy.
  • Determine the frequency of you using the pair of shoes.
  • Know the colour and style that you want.
  • Determine the overall level of comfort that you want for your pair of shoes.


Choose Where to Buy

Of course, we can’t create a shoe-buying guide without mentioning the best places to buy a pair. Indeed, with the involvement of the world wide web, the options for buying shoes has gone a much broader scale. From online shops to official brand websites, there are many possible avenues available on the internet. Of course, we should also mention traditional ways like in department stores, independent shoe stores, shopping malls, and more. The best place to buy mens shoes is probably where you feel convenient and secure. If you want to purchase online, choose a reliable shopping website that offers the best deals. The same goes if you’re going for physical stores.