Popular Types of Dog Beds

You might be wondering what exactly makes a dog bed ‘calm’. In most cases, calming dog beds are specifically made to calm dogs and are either used alone or for medication or behavioural training. A calming dog bed is a special dog bed specially designed to give your pet the maximum amount of comfort while at night. It contains an innerspring, which relieves your dog’s pressure points so that they can relax. Because a dog’s pressure points are linked to their sense of pain and discomfort when forced to sleep in an uncomfortable position, their instinct is to wake up to stretch those muscles to find some relief.

calming dog bedSome dogs don’t get enough sleep, while others suffer due to their owners’ insomnia, lack of space, etc. If you own pets, then you know how much your dogs depend on you. But if you’re tired of yourself and you have neglected your pets, then they may become irritable and look for ways to get your attention and affection. Because most dogs love cuddling with their owners and relaxing in their beds, making them sleepy is not a major problem; however, it can certainly lead to behavioural issues and other health issues if your pets are constantly kept awake and restless. A calming dog bed can alleviate this problem, and since these types of beds are specifically made for dogs, it’s safe to say that they will help them relax.

Raised Rims Dog Beds are a unique dog bed style with a raised, concave rim at the bottom part of the dog bed. This shape creates an airy space underneath the body, which helps your dog feel more secure as they sleep. Most of the time, raising the rim of your dog bed helps prevent the dog from rolling onto his back. However, this type of raised rim dog bed also creates an area of extra warmth beneath your dog and therefore is a good choice for a warming or calming bed. This raised rim bed is great for active dogs because you can feel more secure knowing that they have extra warmth underneath them. However, these calming dog beds are also great for medium-active dogs who need to move around a bit while sleeping.

Elevated Dog Beds Another wonderful choice is a raised elevated calming dog bed made of durable fabric materials. Elevated dog beds are great because they keep your dog’s torso high, which prevents them from snagging on the sides of the bed as they sleep. These elevated dog beds are best used for medium-active dogs who are still growing because they are larger than your average-sized dog. Some of the best features of these elevated dog beds are the raised portion of the bed that covers your dog’s belly and the additional padding on both sides of the dog bed that helps them stay comfortable and relaxed as they fall asleep.

Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Beds For medium to large-sized pets, an orthopedic memory foam dog bed is available to choose from. These orthopedic memory foam dog beds are extremely comfortable and offer relief to your pet. These are very popular for those suffering from back problems. Most pets sleep like a log due to their high support, which helps keep them relaxed.

Faux Fur Bed Another great choice for pet owners who have small dogs but would still like a comfortable, stylish, heated bed is a faux fur bed for your dog. These are very attractive and come in many different styles. You can find these in faux fur, traditional mink, or fleece. If you have not had much success with one of the choices mentioned above, you might want to try a faux fur bed for your pet.