Child Support During Foot Injury Healing

Children are more resilient to certain diseases and viruses compared to adults, but when it comes to physical injuries, they feel more pain. They are less intolerant and could have difficulties during the healing process, especially if they are required to use a cast or crutches for foot injuries.


It’s crucial to show your support during healing and treatment, so your child will know he isn’t alone on this endeavour. Below are some support tips you can practice to ensure that your child is as comfortable as possible as his foot injury or surgery heals.



Early Stages


The early stages of healing can be full of pain. Your child’s podiatry – expert will prescribe pain relievers, but there will be times of the day that will prove to be difficult for the patient. You help your child cope with the pain of a healing foot injury by distracting him or her with a cherished board game or other bed activities such as watching movies or funny game shows.


Bad Days


If your child is used to a healthy lifestyle and sometimes gets impatient with the healing process, think of ways to make him feel better. You can watch sports features that he loves or you can invite his friends to come over for a quick visit.


Once he is allowed to use a wheelchair or crutches, you should bring him outside at least twice a day so he will further develop the will to get well soon and go back to the things he used to do before the injury.


During cleaning and checkup sessions with a podiatry – expert, be present and hold your child’s hands. Cleaning can be tough at times so your kid will need Mom’s gentle touch. Your presence will give your child the strength and persistence to endure all the processes involved in his journey towards complete healing.




Itching after a foot surgery can be annoying for children. While itchiness is a good sign in the healing process, it can be hard for your child to keep himself from scratching. Too much scratching can cause infections and stretch the time for tissue regeneration. Ask your podiatrist if there are home remedies for itching to help your child cope with this stage of healing with more ease.


Podiatrists usually recommend gentle rubbing around the bruised area but not directly on the healing injury. Light pats can also help ease itchiness while you distract the child with toys, books, games, and other activities that should keep his mind away from the itching wound.

Foot injuries in children can take a long time to overcome. With you around, your child can find the strength to keep being patient and keep overcoming obstacles that came with the injury.