Ducted Gas Heating Installation: Reaping the Benefits

Ducted gas heating is very beneficial in terms of its energy efficiency and the fact that it can provide a lot of heating during winter months when the primary source of heat in your house is unreliable. It is also cost-effective, so you will be able to save on your heating bills.

It’s easy to install – unlike electric heating, where the gas must be placed directly under the floor, the gas for ducted heating is fed from a gas supply pipe through a duct system, which is then connected to a furnace or boiler.

Ducted Gas Heating Installation AdelaideOnce there, it then flows towards a storage tank where it’s held until it’s needed. The tank contains a mixture of nitrogen gas, argon and other gases.

For the gas to circulate as it is needed, it is first heated by using a burner or furnace. It burns fuel and produces heat. Then, the flow of gas is directed towards the heat exchanger at the bottom of the tank. Here, the heat from the burner warms the air in the tank, causing it to be moved into the furnace or boiler.

From there, the gases move up the duct to an evaporator coil where they condense back to a gas, which is then vented out. From here, the exhaust gas is released through a gas vent to the outdoors.

Ducted Gas Heating Installation Adelaide is cost-effective and very efficient. There is nothing to be concerned regarding your energy consumption rising since you don’t have to run your furnace all day long. You will not only save your heating costs, but you can also make your home even more comfortable in winter months.

Ducted gas heating installation is relatively easy. Once you have the proper tools and experience, you can install it yourself, or it is still ideal to hire a professional for the job.

You can find a lot of options in terms of the kind of installation that you want. There are plans available that include everything from installing just one wall or a few rooms to completely covering an entire floor. If you don’t know much about the building, don’t feel bad because most of the time it’s not that hard.

Of course, you need to start by checking on your options. What materials do you need?

For instance, you will need to buy some tools such as hammers and screwdrivers for cutting the insulation and caulking. You will also need some pipe saws, plumbers’ wire, a long, flexible hose and cement, and a sealant.

Ducted Gas Heating Installation Adelaide can be done on your own if you’re handy, but you can also call in an electrician or a contractor. Both methods will require some essential tools and knowledge about pipes, but they’ll both be able to give you great results. These professionals will also be able to help you decide how much piping you need to have installed.