Installation of Glass Sliding Doors in Adelaide

Installing glass sliding doors can sometimes be daunting if you do not know precisely what to do. Glass sliding doors in Adelaide are pretty easy to build, but the process can often leave you with more headache than the actual installation. This can be a great place to start your new project for those who are new to home improvement and contracting. The handles unit for sliding doors is relatively easy to install. Even if you’re a first-time do-it-yourself contractor, installing a glass sliding door might not be a stroll in the park.

To begin, you’ll need a solid framework to support the glass sliding doors. This will include a frame that has been nailed into the wall. To get started, remove the trim around the outside of the frame. You’ll then want to drill pilot holes into the frame using a screw gun. This will allow you to anchor the structure to the studs in the wall.

Once the frame is in place, you will then install the pre-made guide tracks. These are simply templates with threaded fasteners designed to adhere to the exterior walls. Now attach the four corner braces and then set up four more in the two other corners. You will then want to secure the four corners to the exterior frame.

glass-sliding-doors-in-adelaideNow it’s time to install the actual glass sliding doors in Adelaide. Start by installing the two inward-facing panels. Slide each board into the appropriate slot, so that they’re firmly in place. Make sure to anchor these pieces to the frame as they will be added weight. Now you will want to slide the two exterior panels together. This will allow you then to install the four remaining pieces into their corresponding slots.

The next step is to attach the stationary panel to the door. Use a screwdriver to screw this down, then use a blade to smooth out any bubbles. After this is completely installed, you will then want to install the trim ring, which will help seal your door’s edges.

Finally, you will then fasten the trim ring to the frame. To do this, make sure that the trim ring is directly over one of the pre-drilled holes and then insert the screws. Then attach the stationary panel to the wall. To finish your project, replace the trim ring and then attach the glass door to the door. Your glass sliding doors project should be complete!