Why Build a Granny Flat

There are many reasons people choose to construct granny flats. There are variations available in building design, plan, and price. The granny flats are made for various purposes. Some people will erect them for the sake of arts and studios, home offices, teenager’s retreat, keeping the family together, for a full-time nanny, and sometimes you can have a granny flat erected to let out for extra income. The granny flats, also called secondary dwellings, are built as a detached residential structure but within the main boundaries of the primary home. They are less costly than building a house and cheaper for looking after the ageing parents.

Today’s granny flats have everything that a modern home has – with one or two bedrooms, a fully furnished kitchen, a medium-sized bathroom, a dining room, and a small lounge. The size of the secondary dwelling is not very large; it is not bigger than 60sqm excluding patios and verandahs.

For the elderly or young adults, granny flats are an ideal choice. The can live close to the family while maintaining their privacy. It is also easy for the family to keep a close eye on the elderly as compared to when they take them to old age care centre. Older family members always find it hard to live with their family due to privacy concerns. However, with granny flats, they have all the privacy they need. Therefore, a granny flat becomes a convenient means of providing affordable living for the ageing people.

Another advantage of granny flats is that they can be used as a home office, guest space, or teenage retreat. You can as well rent out your granny flat to generate some income. This way, your initial investment can be recovered from what you collect monthly. The granny flats are very common and ideal for those people living in the city but have rural acreage property.

With the inclusion of a granny flat, there can be an increase in the current resale value of your property. People who prefer to rent a granny flat are those looking for low rental options as well as the little maintenance cost of their housing unit. The monthly energy bills of a granny flat will be small as compared to a regular house. Also, these granny flats are built to be sustainable to comply with state energy regulations which make the heating and cooling costs low. In general, it is a must-have a structure as long as you have enough space for it.

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