Do You Need a Hearing Test?

Most people who live and work in Adelaide know how important it is to regularly go for a hearing test. It’s recommended that you do this at least once a year, but you don’t have to, especially if your life has been pretty hectic. It doesn’t matter why you need a hearing test or where you’re going for it. Either way, you should know what to expect before it happens.

Your primary care physician will probably be the one to give you a hearing test unless you’ve had a head injury or recently had an ear infection. When you first schedule an appointment, they will start you on decongestants to determine if you need a prescription. If the hearing test doesn’t seem to be improving, you may still want to consider prescription hearing aids. Your doctor can give you more information about that.

hearing-test-adelaideYou may have a hearing test Adelaide because you want to find out if you have an underlying medical condition that might affect your hearing loss. For example, an ear infection can make it harder for you to hear. If you’re experiencing any sort of hearing loss in other parts of your body, an ear infection could explain it. In that case, your primary care physician will likely prescribe antibiotics to clear up the disease and to help you deal with the hearing loss. There are several kinds of prescription hearing aids available. Your audiologist can tell you more about them.

Once you’ve had your hearing test in Adelaide, you can discuss treatment options with your primary care physician. He or she may refer you to an audiologist, who will examine you and perform various tests to determine the cause of your hearing loss and recommend a course of treatment. Some causes of hearing loss are related to ageing. As you age, you become less able to process sound very well, causing you to lose some of your hearing. Other causes of hearing loss can be due to ear infections, ear wax build-up, or wax build-up inside the ear canal.

In some cases, hearing loss may be caused by a cochlear implant. A device will be placed behind the ear with a hearing implant, allowing you to hear typically again. You may also benefit from using hearing aids or Bluetooth devices to supplement the hearing aid that’s being placed behind your ear.

If you’re wondering when you might be able to have your hearing test in Adelaide, the answer is probably in the next couple of months. Your primary care physician should be able to give you a date when the procedure will be done. If you don’t have health insurance, private health insurance probably won’t cover this procedure since it’s considered elective. However, many private health insurance plans include the hearing test as part of a more extensive wellness program. So even if you don’t have health insurance, you should get this procedure paid for by your plan.

After the hearing test, you’ll be given a prescription for hearing aids. You will be fitted for these and given specific instructions about how to use them. You may also have to take a particular pill to help you keep the hearing aid in your ear or use a specific device to ensure that the hearing aid stays in your ear. It’s essential that you follow the instructions carefully and don’t ever skip a pill or a follow-up visit with your doctor. Your hearing will never improve without your commitment to improving it.

After your hearing test Adelaide, you will have detailed reports about your hearing loss and what you can do to improve it. Your primary care doctor will likely write you a detailed description of your hearing test, including the findings and the performed treatments. Keep a hard copy of this report and bring it with you whenever your primary care doctor gives you instructions or questions. This is especially important if you have questions about how a particular treatment may work. You can also ask your doctor or audiologist any questions that you might have about your hearing after your test in Adelaide.