3 Main Types of Lawn Mowers

lawn mowers adelaideA lawn mower, as we all know, is a machine used for cutting grass on a lawn. Other than that, there’s nothing more to know about lawn mowers Adelaide, apart from them being big and bulky. But as you probably didn’t notice, there are different types of lawn mowers.

Lawn mowers utilise a set of rotating blades to quickly cut grass evenly, at a height that is to your preference. Ever since the invention of the first line of lawn mowers, this simple machine has come a long way concerning advancement and innovation.

There are currently five types of lawn mowers in Adelaide. However, for this article, we will only be discussing three of the most common ones. They are as follows:

1.) Push Reel Lawn Mower

Widely considered as ‘the original,’ the push reel mower is one of the first designs used by most homeowners. It retained its glory up until today, which is significant considering that its invention dated back to the 1830s. Push reel lawn mowers are simple yet effective when it comes to cutting grass in your lawn. It’s composed of a spiral-moving set of blades that rotate whenever a user pushes it across the lawn. Just like any other lawn mower, the push reel provides a fine and smooth grass surface.

Push reel lawn mowers Adelaide are economical as they do not use a motor to operate. They do, however, have limited cutting power and are not suitable for large lawns with tall, uneven grass.

2.) Power Lawn Mower

The power lawn mower is the most popular type and is commonly the one used by most homeowners to cut grass in their yards. It comes in either reel or rotary and has two variants: either gas or electric. The most common type of power lawn mower is the rotary type since it’s less expensive and only requires less maintenance. While the electric power lawn mower is growing regarding popularity, gas-powered power lawn mower is still the go-to option for more homeowners.

3.) Ride-on Lawn Mower

The Ride-on lawn mower is ideal for yards that are vast and massive in size. Looking like a mini tractor, this type of lawn mower has a seat and some controls where the operator can operate the lawn mower accurately.

The other two types of lawn mowers to round up to five are the hover mowers and the robotic mowers. While they do exist, they aren’t as popular as the other three. Lawn mowers Adelaide offers the most advanced lawn mowers here in South Australia. Looking for the best lawn mower? Check out their website to see their offers.