What to Know About Net Wrap

Since the discovery of net wrap, many farmers have been able to increase their livestock production by being able to preserve enough feeds. Having enough feeds means that you can maintain your livestock production curve. Also, a normal production curve will help you plan regarding finances and growing your business. Unlike other feeds preservation methods, net wraps allow you to preserve as many bales as you can. This is made possible due to several properties that they possess. For example, they are UV stable which means that the bundles can survive the harsh weather conditions outdoors. Also, they are made from virgin materials which means the product is very strong which implies that it is not easy to tear during either wrapping or transportation.

If you intend to use the net wrap Adelaide to preserve silage, there are several things you need to know. First, when it comes to sourcing net wraps, you should only consider buying from the best dealers. You can buy directly from manufacturers, or you can buy from wholesale and retail suppliers. Your choice will depend on the quantity you need. Since there many dealers can supply you with net wrap, do extra research to ensure that you receive quality net wrap. Also, be sure to check if they can deliver to your location. A dealer that can send the goods to your place saves you time and money, and therefore you should opt for such dealers.

When you finally have the net wrap, the next thing is to preserve the animal feeds. When it comes to preservation, you should ensure that you know the right time and way to do it. Concerning the right time to harvest animal feeds for storage, you can contact an agricultural expert and get professional advice. As per how to wrap it, you can check the manufacturer’s instructions. Also, be sure that the baler you are using is compatible with net wrap product you have. Most balers are compatible with different brands of net wrap Adelaide, and so this should not be a problem. However, you can check the manufactures details. When you finally wrap the bales, as mentioned above, they can be left on the farm where they will be safe for a very long period.

A time will come when you need to feed your livestock with the preserved feeds. When this time comes, you can transport the bales near the point of feeding your animals. When feeding, be careful and remove the net wrap. This is because if the livestock like cows consumes the wrapping material, it will fill up their stomach and soon they will experience weight loss and a decrease in production. Check the manufacturer’s instructions to know how to remove the net wrap and the risks of your livestock consuming the net wrap products.